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3D Animation for the Raw Beginner - Using Autodesk Maya

by Buzz King, Ph.D., M.Div.

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The Book.

D Animation for the Raw Beginner - Using Autodesk Maya, copyright August 2014, is available from CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group).

You can buy it on
Amazon. Or buy directly from Taylor and Francis and use the promo code AVN98 for a 20% discount - see the flyer for more information about the book.

Please note that if you buy the Amazon Kindle version, the color insert is at the end of the book and does not appear in the table of contents.
This Website.

This site hosts a series of tutorial videos that, in a compact fashion, step the viewer through a number of the examples presented in the book. The book and the videos grew out of the lessons from my Introduction to 3D Animation class. Below are some images from the book.

Please note that these videos are not professionally made! Also, the examples in 3D Animation for the Raw Beginner - Using Autodesk Maya are more detailed and polished. The videos are grouped according to the chapters of 3D Animation for the Raw Beginner - Using Autodesk Maya.

To see the videos in the order in which they were originally made, please go to the
last page of this website.

You can find 3
D Animation for the Raw Beginner on: facebook6 small. You can find me on linkedinicon and googleplussmall. You can also

You can call me at 303-437-7419 (USA) or email me at buzz@BuzzKing.com.

Faculty members and students can get Maya
for free at: Autodesk student pages.
Blog Tutorials:

I also have a blog that contains a number of short text-and-image tutorials; all of these are included in the book.

Check out the tutorial blog:
Second Edition of the Book:

I am currently working on a second edition of this book, which should have a 2019 copyright. The title is likely to be changed, as well. It is being entirely rewritten.

A preliminary and incomplete set of images for the new edition can be found at this link:

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